jueves, abril 03, 2008

Software Engineering Mission Statement & Objectives

La mejor forma de comenzar este Blog es transmitiendo la misión y los objetivos de la ingeniería de software creados por Jeffrey Vasquez. Todos los que trabajamos en el mundo del software deberíamos comportarnos bajo objetivos:

Software Engineering Mission Statement

  • We will provide best-in-industry software engineering services to our clients choosing us as their hosted software partner.

Software Engineering Objectives

  • We will leverage the talents of our team to ensure absolute commitment to every client’s goals.
  • We acknowledge that quality starts with the requirements. Our process will support quality as an objective from the very beginning of every project.
  • We will always escalate our issues. Time wasted on conflict is unacceptable.
  • We will ensure all project status information is up-to-date and available 24/7 to every stakeholder.
  • We acknowledge the profit is in the code. Time wasted on status meetings and status reports is unacceptable.
  • We will iterate. We will accept that nothing is set in stone.
  • We acknowledge process is rigorous, but not rigid. We will adopt and implement piecemeal to optimize our productivity.
  • We will manage our job satisfaction, not our productivity.
  • We will respect the Uncertainty Principle. We will manage to a deadline or to a deliverable, but not attempt to do both. We will implement agile processes to meet our accountabilities.
  • We will maintain visible software ticket management systems.
  • We will use source control.
  • Our process will implement one-button product builds that we will exercise daily.
  • We will ensure our engineering processes always exceed industry best practices.
  • We will achieve demonstrable and repeatable client successes.

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