martes, abril 08, 2008

En consultoría el cliente no está interesado en tu felicidad

Esta es una conversación que tuve con Jeffrey, mi 'Coach' y líder de proyecto de los Estados Unidos de la librería de software que creamos. Las relaciones con el cliente no estaban muy bien, teníamos problemas para comunicarnos con un desarrollador del cliente (Un francés llamado Remy que no tenia muy buen nivel de inglés), eran momentos muy frustrantes porque no se podía avanzar. Daryl era el sponsor del proyecto y necesitaba resultados rápidos.

La visión de Jeffrey es muy interesante, y aprendí mucho de esta conversación.

Jeffrey V. You're editorializing in your emails lately. You need to cut that out.

Jeffrey V. I can't send this to Daryl.

MArtin editorializing?.. i'm just sad... sorry for expressing my feelings

Jeffrey V. Daryl's not paying you to be sad or happy.

Jeffrey V. Job sat is your own responsiblity.

MArtin ok, good advise for the future

MArtin but you can edit the politically incorrect stuff and send my request

Jeffrey V. Just like life -- you are the only person responsible for your own happiness.

Jeffrey V. Yeah, I'll do my best.

MArtin i know... i don't have to take this personally... but it's hard not to... my energy is put into this project, my soul... when i see that stuff isn't going the right direction i can't avoid feeling a little sad... i mean we are of course paid to do our best, but when remy doesn't answer, or we have trouble communicating, i do not feel fine because we aren't accomplishing the goal of this project...

MArtin i have to accept that they are working at their own speed...

Jeffrey V. You always have to accept that the client is not interested in your happiness.

Jeffrey V. Which is why I recommend that you give up consulting when you finish university.

MArtin give up consulting? what then? working at a soft dev team in a big company where products are developed in house? like symantec, ms, adobe, etc?

Jeffrey V. Yes.

Jeffrey V. You don't have the proper temperament for consulting.

Jeffrey V. It's possible you'll mature out of it, but I think it's core to your nature.

Jeffrey V. Don't take that as an insult. I don't have the proper temperament for consulting either. I've just learned to work through it.

MArtin i didn't take it as an insult, don't worry, and thanks for the advice

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