sábado, julio 12, 2008

Lanzamiento de Trac 0.11!

Estoy muy contento de anunciar que ya salió Trac 0.11. Trac es un software de administración de proyectos web que recomendé anteriormente. Les dejo el anuncio oficial de Jonas Borgström del grupo de Trac en Google:

Trac 0.11

We're happy to announce the much awaited Trac 0.11 release.

You will find this release at the usual place:

Here are some of the features you can expect from this version:

* New template engine for generating content (Genshi)
* New configurable workflow in the ticket subsystem
* Finer-grained control of permissions
* Support for Pygments as the default syntax highlighter
* Improved repository browser ("blame" support, dynamic in-place
expansion of folders)
* Improved user preferences subsystem, among which the possibility
for any user to select their time zone and disable access keys
* The WebAdmin plugin is now an integral part of Trac

You can find a more detailed release note at:


Many thanks to the growing number of people who have, and continue to,
support the project. Also our thanks to all people providing feedback
and bug reports that helps us make Trac better, easier to use and more
Without your invaluable help, Trac would not evolve. Thank you all.

Finally, we offer hope that Trac will prove itself useful to like-
minded programmers around the world, and that this release will prove an
improvement over the last version.

Please let us know. :-)
/The Trac Team http://trac.edgewall.org/

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